Funniest Pictures of Donald Trump Making Funny Faces
What do you expect from Donald Trump that what he can do?  I will say that he can do all the silly things that none of US Presidents ever done before. If we start making a list of the stuff Trump is capable of to do, it will take... Read more
President Donald Trump’s date with PM Narendra Modi at White House finalised for this month
PM Modi is set to visit the United States later this month and will hold talks with President Donald Trump on June 26. The two leaders are expected to discuss issues including H1-B rule changes, terrorism and economic growth. United States President Donald Trump will host Prime Minister Narendra... Read more
Donald Trump seemingly slams own travel ban, calls it ‘watered down’
In a series of tweets, US President Donald Trump expressed displeasure at the revised version of the travel ban that bears his signature. Trump called the order watered down and a ‘politically correct’ version. Does United States President Donald Trump not like the revised travel ban that he himself... Read more
India a victim of terror, Donald Trump acknowledges, says Muslim nations must do their bit to defeat terrorism
Addressing a gathering of about 50 Muslim-majority countries, US President Donald Trump said India is among the countries victimised by terrorism. All countries must ensure that terrorists do not find sanctuary on their soil, Trump added. United States President Donald Trump, during his speech at the Arab-Islamic-US summit in... Read more
In an interview, Trump explained he was eating chocolate cake when he launched the missile strike on Syria. And then he went on to call Syria Iraq. India Today Read more
Trump launched missile strikes at a Syrian airbase, drawing sharp criticism. India Today Read more
Trump said he wants to raise concerns about China’s trade practices and urge Xi to do more to rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions in the talks. India Today Read more
The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals previously upheld a Seattle judge’s block of Trump’s first travel order. India Today Read more
White House plays down FBI’s probe into Russian election meddling, defends Trump’s wiretapping claim
“FBI is investigating the alleged Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts,” FBI chief... Read more
US: In first Donald Trump-Angela Merkel meeting, awkward body language and a quip
The two leaders share different views on trade, Russia and immigration, leading to some uncomfortable moments during their joint news conference in Washington, DC. The first face-to-face meeting between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel started awkwardly on Friday and ended even more oddly, with a... Read more